Building A New Democracy: Demos End of Year 2018

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We are at a defining moment in history, and Dēmos is taking the lead and taking action.

Going into 2019, we're focusing our worklegal strategies, original research and policy design, strategic communications, and campaigns with grassroots partnerson building a new, inclusive democracy that works for us all.

Invest in our critical work by making a donation, or you can go even further and set up your own fundraising page and encourage your networks to also support Demos' important work. You can also find an existing fundraiser page by clicking here.

Help us make leaps toward our end-of-year $150,000 goal.

Below are four key areas of our work for this next year — which resonates most with you?

Defend Voting rights & Voter Protection

$50 or more will support our ongoing litigation around voting rights, fighting voter suppression through hard-hitting legal strategies and organizing campaigns with grassroots partners. *In the recent election, Demos led emergency litigation efforts that ensured hundreds of thousands of voters were not disenfranchised.

Imagine a new democracy

$100 or more allows us to continue combining our work on the ground with our research and collaborating with Demos' network of state-based grassroots partners to help build an inclusive democracy out of this moment of crisis.


Advance a progressive policy agenda

$250 or more will support advancing Demos' transformative policy agenda at the state and federal level that creates real improvements in people's lives and counters the racial inequity baked into so many of our current policies.                                                                     

Create Narrative Change

$500 or more will allow our experts to equip partners and advocates with the research, tools and messaging to change the way we talk about race in this country, and defang the racist tactics used to separate us from one another.   
Suzanne Nora Johnson and David G. Johnson Foundation $50,000 Match Challenge
Building A New Democracy
Building A New Democracy: Demos End of Year 2018

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Recent Donations

  • Alan Guma $5.00
  • Alexander McCoy $10.00
  • Thanks for all your wonderful work. It helps us all.
  • Joanna Parson $10.00
  • Because you prepare the way for those who carry the baton; you model and fight for the world we want to see. And because at a time when the exchange of information is imperiled, you give of your time and expertise to insure that the truth about the way the American experiment is working or not working will, eventually, be heard.
  • Alan Guma $5.00
  • Alexander McCoy $10.00
  • Thanks for all your wonderful work. It helps us all.