The Dēmos Power Agenda: A Framework for Building People Power

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The Dēmos Power Agenda Framework reflects our affirmative vision for creating a just, inclusive, and multiracial democracy and economy by building civic, political, and economic power for all. To build a representative, multiracial democracy, and economy for the demos – the people – we must advance an agenda focusing on the policies and structural changes that uplifts the wisdom and insight of state-based and grassroots leaders and work with policymakers to drive solutions where people can wield full economic and political power to build thriving communities. 

Dēmos is a non-profit public policy organization working to build a just, inclusive multiracial democracy and economy. We build power with and for Black and brown communities through our strategic partnerships with state-based and grassroots organizations, leveraging more than two decades of experience advancing policy solutions, research, legal advocacy, and narrative strategies. 

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