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Demos pioneers bold progressive ideas, reinforces them with original research and analysis, and equips grassroots partner organizations to move them into practical reality.

Through cutting-edge policy research, inspiring litigation and deep relationships with grassroots organizations, Demos champions solutions that will create a democracy and economy rooted in racial equity.

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Your work helps keep America strong. Thank you!
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I am 75 and money is really tight -- but I hope to donate more in the future.. Over 30 years running a small business in Seattle I watched young, working class employees struggle -- with rent, gaining education in a high cost of living market where employers employed irregular schedules "entry level" wages (unlike in my own working class youth) exclusively meant inadequate to the cost of living minimum wage -- leaving no time for classes and skills training to take them to a next level and better job, and meant irregular earnings. They were lucky to live in a booming city that offered opportunity -- for those with costly education, which meant huge debt. And yet I've watched some, with persistence and sacrifice, and many more years and debt invested than the more fortunate, make dreams of entering the middle class, and bringing family forward with them, come true. But it's a tightrope and too many fall off.
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